Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chowbunga reminds groupies, squatchettes he is still available for stud service!

With the spring sasquatch rut season still in full swing (and the Heretical Bigfoot offices in temporary skeleton crew mode) our primary correspondent and Bigfootses Mindspokesperson Chowbunga reports that there is still "plenty where that came from" and invites the ladies to join him for drinks and frolic in the back of his vintage 1977 custom van Rolling Musk, currently found parked behind the Forest Lodge Motel on Highway 96 in Happy Camp, California!

Chowbunga says "Like Millenium Falcon. She may not look like much, but she got it where it counts."  

Chowie also wishes to clear up some misinformation and rumor that has run rampant through the internet squatching world of late.  As to the stories that his sexual prowess has suffered due to encroaching competition from outsiders from the North:

Chowbunga: "Yeah.  Right.  Me hear Yeti just as broken down as him van.  Next question."

And as far as his recent trip to the Mercy Medical ER in Siskiyou County:

Chowie:  "Yes, it true.  Me almost choke on shoe.  In fog of passion, me get confused and think "tips" mean "beef tips" and make mistake.  It happen to us all.  Me little hoarse but get back in saddle next day."    

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  1. I knew there was a reason the ladies Sasquatch Summit is taking place in Happy Camp! Make sure you come back in August Chow Baby ;)