Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chowbunga reviews Ancient Astronauts/Bigfoot crossover show... sort of.

Chowbunga joins the ranks of blobsquatchery.  Admits defeat.

"Me try.  Me really do...  But me admit me have hard time keeping track of what show about because hair of host human Giorgio have hypnotic effect.  Me swear me see Chowpappy and Chowgranny in him coif-- but HOW POSSIBLE!?!  They long dead.  Then see cousin and old girlfriend and other bigfootses me not know cavorting through Giorgio's locks and give up all hope of show make sense!  What look like small piece of pie lodged in him beard really tiny baby squatch like William Evans always see.  Me have to lie down..."

When pressed for further details early this morning, Chowbunga merely shrugged and said "Me no know.  How they all get in man's hair?  Maybe Aliens.  Respect to Giorgio, though, him powerful meme."

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