Saturday, February 18, 2012's Rick Dyer SO hot on trail of sasquatch that his RV bursts into flames on Florida Interstate!

Dire Dyer Fire in I-4.  Proof positive that some internet squatchers will do anything for media attention. 

We're happy to report that none of Mr. Dyer's family, friends or pets were harmed during the conflagration that shut down a Florida interstate on Thursday evening, but the internet is buzzing with speculation about the origins of the mysterious RV fire that consumed all of the controversial bigfooter's "equipment" --from night vision gear to rumored high-powered rifles, giant gas bombs and buckets of roadkill-- and just what he was doing in the Sunshine State anyway.  It was largely believed that Dyer was headed north to Canada to actually hunt down and kill a sasquatch, as proclaimed on his website, but since Canadian officials had responded to worried queries from others in the bigfoot world about the boast with outbursts of raucous laughter and promises to detain Dyer at the border, it now appears he was rolling south to the safer, warmer confines of Florida for a relaxing vacation instead.

The equally notorious Tom Biscardi holds up the most ironic image in bigfoot history.

Followers of bigfootology will recall that Rick Dyer was one of the infamous "Georgia Boys" who brazenly attempted to hoax the world with a cheap bigfoot suit stuffed with roadkill innards, frozen solid, and sold to the astoundingly credulous (and some say complicit hoaxter) Tom Biscardi for $50,000 in the fall of 2008.  Years of claims, counter-claims, badly-spelled blog attacks and low-grade documentaries have flown between the principals in the affair as a result, keeping the level of discourse slightly more entertaining than pro-wrestling shout-downs and chair-braining. 

Follow the link below for the latest chapter in the continuing drama, replete with requisite media smirking!


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