Sunday, February 5, 2012

World shocked! Papa proud! Chowbambi proclaimed first authentic hybrid offspring between bigfoot, deer... and maybe moose by top scientist!

"It not pretty, but it obviously mine." confessed Bigfootses Mindspokesperson Chowbunga earlier today.

Established science bowed to overwhelming evidence of diverse interspecies breeding today as the offspring of Chowbunga and one-- or possibly two-- unidentified females took its first wobbly, unsure steps out of the cave of its father and promptly defecated on centuries of entrenched belief. 

Revived after a celebratory stickbending binge, the slightly inebriated sire of the oddly-configured hybrid admitted he had no real idea of the maternity of the child and said he would trust only the opinion of renowned ParaExoBiologist Angela Asston in the matter.  "Me not remember much about rut, to be honest." remarked Chowbunga.  "Much drinking.  Many woodland creatures.  Me do remember gripping antlers with both hands at some point, but rest is blur."

Interviewed while boarding a plane in Mississipi to join the proud but bewildered papa, Asston stated "I will say that I think it's highly possible there is some paranormal activity going on there and my experience with BF is special powers are often involved in our case claims." 

Asston, readers will recall, was recently embroiled in the highly controversial and technically unexplainable analysis of a trail cam image displayed on the internet as possible evidence of a shapeshifting cow/deer hybrid that left half the scientific world stunned while the other half collapsed in paroxysms of laughter.  In the case of Chowbambi, however, it seems the paranormal may finally have the last laugh.

Foreshortening or foreshadowing of things to come?

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