Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bigfoot remains an unconfirmed species while asshole Texans exist in vast numbers.

Bigfoot walking away?

 A recent facebook exchange between famed Russian hominologist Igor Burtsev and "a fan":

Igor Burtsev: I dont understand, what is impressing here, sorry...

BG:  you might have to enlage it some to see it clearly. that black shape in the top was a bigfoot that my dad bob garrett caught on his cell phone as it was walking away from him.

BG:  I was in a part of the sam houston froest that is closed until oct 1 to jan 1 it is thousnds of acres.I was in the hunters camp when I smelled rotten eggs and I heard something comeing this thing blow passed over the road and I snaped this pic of its back. Blow it up and look again please

Igor Burtsev:  I understand so, that black is a spot on the bark with some leaves in front of it, nothing more, sorry. Or do you think that BF was hang up on the tree?

BG:  well thinks for looking at it.

BG:  well to be truefull i asked for your input becuse iam a fan i didnt know you were going to be such an ass about it i wont bother you again.

Igor Burtsev:  No matter, you are welcome!

We rib Igor from time to time for his association with "crazy-sasquatch-lady" types, but props to him for maintaining a classy cool while dealing with this Neanderthal.  You will note that Igor's command of English is also vastly superior.

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  1. Note to Texans: The Heretic IS one (both a Texan and an asshole) so he is fully qualified and confirms on all points.