Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chowbunga, Ketchum team up old-school superhero style to put hurt on Romney!

In response to president of humans candidate Mitt Romney's recent remarks about the absurd possibility of bigfoot being a hoax, Sasquatch DNA analyst and Chowbunga supporter Dr. Melba Ketchum issued the following smackdown on her facebook page:

"Rowwr!" say Chowbunga.

"I can't help but wonder what Romney will say when all is said and done. You can bet the news media will remember his comments and they will come back to haunt him, LOL."

Chief of Owl Tribe and Bigfoootses spokesman Chowbunga had typically harsher and more directly threatening words for Romney and the rest of humanity:

"What Melba say!  But forget comments, it ME Mitt have to worry about haunting him-- like maybe in woods or dark alley.  Gingrich (me not say what that name mean in native tongue, but think in terms of "open marriage with ferret" huh-huh) no better, so maybe me pick up Newt by ankles and swing him like club to SMASH Mitt and eliminate two men with silly first names with single blow!  God bless America."

Me thank you for your support.

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