Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grab those cameras and hit the streets: It's National Gorilla Suit Day!

Was Don Martin trying to tell us something?
The Heretic is no slouch, so in the fine old web tradition of ripping off other folks' content, he'll just lift from Tom Richmond's terrific blog entry (which you can find a link to below) to lay it all out for you: 

"Yes, it’s that day again… the national holiday that isn’t officially recognized (yet) but one we all look forward to the other 364 days of the year. Yes, its National Gorilla Suit Day. What is National Gorilla Suit Day??? Are you joking?!? It began, as almost all nonsensical and idiotic things do, with MAD magazine artist Don Martin. A series of cartoons in the 1964 book Don Martin Bounces Back! concerns the misadventures of Fester Bestertester and his railings against various gorilla suit companies and the holiday National Gorilla Suit Day. Proving that Don Martin was about 40 years ahead of his time, his National Gorilla Suit Day paved the way for lesser imitations like National Talk Like a Pirate Day..."

So it's the perfect day to spot a squatch-- or a reasonable facsimile of one-- and gain temporary internet fame and fortune (followed swiftly by derision, defamation and unbridled hatred) by posting any blurry pix you might snap!

Sources close to the Sasquatch People have mindwhispered that it's common to find real bigfootses lurking among the hairless population on this day, cleverly disguised in cheap, shoddy gorilla suits, so we highly recommend loitering in large public restroom facilities to pounce upon potential authentic specimens who may choose to relieve themselves there.

This could be your lucky day.  Or not.

And, finally, there is strong corroborative evidence that the late Martin was aware of this bigfoot custom, as illustrated by a telling panel from his original 1963 research illustration:

For more info on this glorious but little-known holiday visit: http://www.tomrichmond.com/blog/2009/01/31/happy-national-gorilla-duit-day/  but don't mention us.

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