Monday, January 9, 2012

More bad news for Forest Friends: You're Bullshit.

From a site about Amerindian religion: "Unfortunately, the term "shamanism" has been misused in popular culture for many years. The entertainment industry has used "medicine man" and "shaman" interchangeably (and usually inaccurately) to describe holy men and women of Native America. The public began to assume that "shaman" was a Native American word, and that "shamanism" was a universal Indian Religion—but there is no universal "Indian Religion." There are hundreds of Indian Nations in North America, each with its own culture, language, and spiritual belief system. Many of these Nations are very different from one another in their religious traditions, and none of them describe their beliefs as shamanism."

Recent independent research has revealed the true definition of the word "shaman" to be surprisingly complex and derived from the original Evenki root word for "crazy postmenopausal white woman"...

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