Thursday, January 19, 2012

Controversy erupts over claims of possible Bigfoot language!

It's language, but it's harsh, experts admit.

The fur and expletives flew at a recent conference on bigfoot studies in Yakima, Washington when sound and language analysts announced shocking evidence of a richly structured, wide-ranging vocal vernacular for the Sasquatch People.  The only apparent drawback is that the language is largely composed of foul and mean-spirited observations on humanity and the experts are hesitant to release transcripts of the translated tongue-lashings for fear of inciting throwdowns and payback on the woodland smartasses.

A partially censored transcript of a sasquatch conversation from October of this year is reproduced below:

"Did you see the f------ s--- the habituators left last night?!  G-- d---- mother f---- pieces of s---- better get off their a----"

Astounding as it may seem, the sasquatch are talking.  But they are talking smack and really need to shut up.

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