Monday, January 23, 2012

Chowbunga responds to gossip about possible alien DNA presence in adjacent human genome!

What they mean when they say DNA in my junk?!?

In response to articles coming out of Canada (see link below) and rumors of odd strains of apparent extraterrestrial origin turning up in sasquatch samples submitted to the Ketchum DNA Study, Chowbunga issued the following terse statement this morning:

"What all this hubub about alien DNA all mushed up with mine!?! I never even touch that big-eyed grey girl! At least me think not. It was big party... many Chowie groupies... much to drink... hot tub.  Me pee in cup if you want but talk to me lawyer if want more words!"

Chowbunga then went on to elaborate, with visual aids, about just what he looks for in a possible mate:

Not really me type.
Really not really me type.
OK, me tap that.

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