Sunday, January 8, 2012

Douglas Fir on bigfoot: No Comment

Recently overheard on the interwebs:

"Talking to trees is not new to me. I have felt their auras for years. If you haven’t then try it if you’re open to the experience at all. You can stand near a tree and feel the spirit and energy that emanates from them… especially the older trees. My new interest in talking to trees is to try to pick up impressions of things they’ve seen – Bigfoot in particular. I asked (using clairaudience) if the tree had seen a creature larger than a bear. This tree did not give me a positive answer and I don’t know if it was because it hadn’t seen Sasquatch, or if I wasn’t able to pick up the answer, or if I needed more time than we had to establish adequate communication..."

Or maybe it could have been because it was a tree.  The mystery deepens.

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