Friday, January 13, 2012

Prankster submits hair sample from 1976 Bigfoot Halloween Costume to Ketchum DNA project. Stunned when confirmed as authentic.

"100% authentic!" reports Robert Lindsay between posts about Catholic high school girls.

Hoaxer Evan Burnette was floored when the plug of synthetic crepe hair from the 36-year-old Ben Cooper kid's costume was confirmed authentic Grade-A Bigfoot in a registered letter from  DNA Diagnostics, Inc. earlier this week.  He immediately listed the full costume on eBay with an opening bid of $100,000.00 and is preparing to leave the country once payment clears (and before the full study is published).  Rumors that a Swanson Salisbury Steak TV Dinner and a roll of pre-1920 Buffalo nickels also tested positive for unknown hominid DNA remain unconfirmed.

The real deal?

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  1. Kudos to Melba for finding this appropriately silly! Stay Sharp...